Monday, September 13, 2010

Northern Rock's instant messaging

Digital workflow and easy as flying benchmarking system client, the Beijing Petroleum Machinery Factory (hereinafter referred to Northern Rock) has always been at the forefront of information technology. In re Northern Rock consultant DCMS occasion, and head of the Ministry of Information Industry have also been exchanges Shen. Journal of Engineering said that she had been the next step for the North Stone thought the direction of information development. With the development of enterprises, the process of information issues to consider more and more. Such as portals, instant messaging platforms, etc. are conducted through information technology issues. Northern Rock consultant for information planning, DCMS's consultants are given in the analysis of professional advice.

1, employees hope to timely exchange, but if only by telephone, the cost will increase.

2, if the use of public instant messaging platforms (such as QQ, MSN, Yahoo Messenger), need to open internet rights, undoubtedly increased business risk.

3, use of public instant messaging platform, employees chat with uncontrollable, may result in reduced efficiency.

In many enterprise instant messaging software for research, the Northern Rock chose ActiveMessenger (hereinafter referred to as "AM"). Not only because of its high cost, more attention is its good scalability.

ActiveMessenger stone on the line in the North, customers can make and easy to fly and Digital Workflow Integration to form real-time business processing reminders. In the DCMS support and guidance of consultants, customers using ActiveMessenger extensions, implemented in the form processing workflow reminders to inform all relevant personnel by ActiveMessenger.

Shen work that not only ActiveMessenger instant messaging is stable, convenient, value-added features, but also made more effective supervision and personnel work, improve efficiency, indeed serve multiple purposes.

Northern Rock applied AM Features

1, instant messaging

Personnel information online. Users can know the current status of co-workers. Such as whether the line is busy or to decide whether to follow it;

Send instant messages (with permission can mass or notice). Text message content can be in different fonts and colors to indicate to distinguish between the importance of;

Dialogue mode and message mode provides two methods of communication.

2, file transfer capabilities

Software offers a variety of ways to send the file;

Embedded through the Explorer "new-prone" function, directly;

By Explorer drag the file directly to annex box, to send;

Interface by sending the attachment button to increase the attachment, to send;

Word or excel in the system, there are "prone" button, you can directly send the completed document will be prepared;

100M level can send large files, send one or more files, or even entire folders.

3, message tracking

AM's message tracking feature, allowing users to clearly understand the message issued by the state. When the recipient has read the message, a message can be kept informed of the staff, thus ensuring the validity of the message.

4, message management features

The news server and client synchronization;

System to support any client machine, will own another machine to send off the message synchronize to this machine;

Messages can be important collections;

Can be dealt with in the future, pending transfer to the folder;

Message content can history inquiries, inquiries can quickly locate the records;

You can print messages;

Can record the contents of the meeting.

5, history document management

AM as an internal communications platform, usually in the AM system, the user will receive a lot of files. Historical Documents downloaded file will be stored in the path where the record, the user only to find this file, you can directly use or re-download the server can be user-friendly documents downloaded.

6, and EASYFLOW integration

Northern Rock after the use of AM, AM presented in the workflow approval received on the demand for prompt, timely manner to help employees deal with their daily work.缁?杩囧伐浣滄祦椤鹃棶鍙備笌鎸囧锛屽埄鐢ˋM鐨勬帴鍙o紝鎴愬姛闆嗘垚浜咥M涓嶦ASYFLOW涓や釜鍔熻兘绯荤粺銆?br />

銆??AM涓哄寳鐭虫墍甯︽潵鐨勬晥鐩?br />


銆??澶уぇ闄嶄綆閫氫俊璐圭敤锛岀粰浼佷笟鑺傜渷澶х瑪寮?敮锛?br />
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